EVP are amazing supporters of Fergus as a business and all the people within it. They’ve always invested time to understand how our business works which means they've been able to provide meaningful and relevant help.
// David Holmes, CEO of Fergus
Image of evp founders Lunch 2022
// EVP Founders Lunch 2022
Image of EVP team strategy offsite
// EVP Team Strategy Offsite
// Kiya with EVP Partners Howard, Justin and Dan at EVP Fund IV Launch
// Practifi Co-Founder Glenn Elliott and EVP Operating Principal Kiya Taylor
// Shippit Co-Founder Will On at EVP Fund IV Launch
We’ve been investing in early-stage software companies since the late 90’s.
In 2014, we established EVP – a venture capital fund focused on backing the best software founders in Australia and New Zealand. We now manage over $270m and are currently investing out of EVP Fund IV.

Our team brings together a range of experiences and skills. We each consider working in venture capital to be both a privilege and a responsibility, and are all deeply committed to helping our companies succeed. We take pride in building genuine relationships with our companies, and strive to be ambitious, analytical and authentic partners. 

Here more about EVP's origins here