We invest on behalf of over 400 private investors, managing over $150m across EVP Fund I, II, III and SPVs. EVP Fund IV is now open to new investors.
// Fund IV is a $100m fund. The Fund will invest early in up to 15 privately held high-growth software companies. The Fund is conditionally registered as an ESVCLP, which means investors receive a 10% tax offset on funds invested, and capital gains are tax-free.
Invest with EVP
Why invest with EVP?
  • We’ve been investing in early-stage software companies since the late 90s. We have a track record of investing early in some of Australia’s most successful software businesses. Our founding portfolio is valued at 25x our original investment.
  • EVP partners are the largest investors in each of our funds. We have real skin in the game and our interests are deeply aligned with those of our investors. The partner commitment to EVP Fund IV exceeds $15m.
  • We make high conviction investments in no more than 10 software companies each year. We look for best-in-class early metrics, an engaged customer base, and strong revenue growth. We acquire significant minority ownership positions, always require a board seat, and provide meaningful ongoing support to help our companies succeed.
  • In addition to the core funds, we secure exclusive SPV co-investment opportunities for EVP investors interested in “doubling down” on some of the best performing companies across the portfolio.

Why Venture Capital?

Venture capital has emerged as an important global asset class. In 2021 over USD600bn was allocated to VC, a fifteen-fold increase over the past decade. Over recent years, VC has outperformed every other private capital strategy, driven largely by the disruptive power of technology and the emergence of new software models.
Australia is seeing similar levels of growth. In 2021, 681 Australian startups raised a record $10.1bn in venture funding (read more here), more than three times the amount raised in 2020. A growing number of Australian technology companies are emerging as global category leaders and delivering exceptional returns to early investors.
Government incentives have also served to significantly support VC investment, with investors in ESVCLP registered funds (such as EVP) benefiting from a 10% tax offset and tax-free capital gains on eligible investments.
Venture Capital has historically been the domain of institutions, and largely inaccessible to private investors. On a global basis, this mix is shifting, as private and family office investors increasingly recognise the potential benefits of VC exposure. EVP aims to bring institutional-grade investment management and oversight to individual (wholesale client) investors seeking access to early-stage technology investments.

EVP’s Angel Deal Flow Opportunities


We regularly meet with impressive founders and companies that aren’t quite a fit for EVP’s mandate. We share them with a curated list of angel investors to make valuable introductions where possible.

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